13 December 2017



Payments In The Platform Economy

Today we are confronted by a major macroeconomic shift from products to platforms. We see a big change in business practices with high impact on our traditional value chains and a new view on ‘the value of our assets’. Both the physical and digital worlds are merging as new ways of interacting and transacting between businesses and people emerge. A challenging ‘repositioning’ of payments within the transaction space will be needed. This new way of interacting between producers and consumers will be much more complex as we also will use the latest technologies, algorithms, data-management, etc. The actual payment will become an aggregation of precise cost, settled at various moments between players in the new value chain. Platforms will become the key aggregators in this new transaction space. They could be banks or non-banks.

Our goal with the Australian Payment Summit is to focus on innovation and to share insights and ideas from the experts involved in shaping this new world of payments.  We are developing the program for 2018 and welcome your inputs and comments!  If you have suggestions, please email direct to: harry@smorenberg.nl


We will be publishing our first draft of the 2018 program soonest.  In the mean time, feel free to check out our 2017 program!


13 Dec 2017 Wednesday 13 December 2017

  • Welcome by Summit Chairman | Harry Smorenberg
  • Introduction by Rob Craig | Chairman of Australian Payment Network
  • Keynote address by Dr Philip Lowe | Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Panel Debate “Towards the New World of Payments”
  • Tackling Payment Data Security & Data Privacy
  • Open Banking: The New Frontiers
  • The New Payment Environment & Regulatory Challenges
  • Online Marketplaces and eCommerce
  • Blockchain - Is it Harvest Time?
  • Digital identity as cornerstone of payments
  • Australia in the context of global developments
  • Fintech Showcase - Our cream of the crop Fintech innovators