13 December 2017



Payments In The Platform Economy

Today we are confronted by a major macroeconomic shift from products to platforms. We see a big change in business practices with high impact on our traditional value chains and a new view on ‘the value of our assets’. Both the physical and digital worlds are merging as new ways of interacting and transacting between businesses and people emerge. A challenging ‘repositioning’ of payments within the transaction space will be needed. This new way of interacting between producers and consumers will be much more complex as we also will use the latest technologies, algorithms, data-management, etc. The actual payment will become an aggregation of precise cost, settled at various moments between players in the new value chain. Platforms will become the key aggregators in this new transaction space. They could be banks or non-banks.

Our goal with the Australian Payment Summit is to focus on innovation and to share insights and ideas from the experts involved in shaping this new world of payments. Have a look at our detailed program including plenary and track sessions. Our program is a living document and we continuously work on offering the best content with relevant topics, the right experts as speakers and creating room for relevant debates.  If you have suggestions, please email directly to: harry@smorenberg.nl


Additionally, here’s our 2017 program in PDF for reference.


Day 1 – AusPayNet Summit

08.00Welcome & Registration
09.00Welcome & Introduction by Summit Chairpersons
-Dr Leila Fourie | CEO | Australian Payments Network | Sydney
- Harry Smorenberg | Chairman | Australian Payment Summit | Amsterdam
09.15Keynote address by Dr Philip Lowe | Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia
09.45Plenary Introductions “Social Networks as Payment Platforms
-Emerging role of social network players (examples)
-Consumer behaviour trends
-Financial logistics as an integral part of the total transaction experience
10.45Networking Break
11.15Digital Technology Reshaping Retail & Corporate Payments
-Reinventing the customer journey
-The power of data
-Digitally driven organizations: new operating models
-Future positioning of FSI (banks): disintermediation of financial institutions?
12.00Retail Payments InnovationsCorporate Payments Innovations
  • Near banking trends (Tech giants and e-commerce platforms driving innovation)
  • Rapid digitization of operations of corporates
    challenging banks

  • Big data / AI / blockchain developments

  • SME catalysts for innovation / ‘retail

14.00“The Open Banking Journey Has Just Started.…”
-From hype to hope: will banks open access to data easily?
-Barriers & opportunities for third party providers reviewed (lessons from UK)
-Will we see more competition in retail banking?
-Lessons learned from Europe
14.45Building Trust in the Digital Economy
Global context - digital ID around the world
-Update on Australia

Victoria Richardson | Chief Strategy Officer | Australian Payments Network | Sydney (moderator)
15.15Networking Break
15.45Improving security with new technologyThe role of biometrics

  • Are current AML and fraud monitoring systems good enough?

  • Can AI and machine learning do more?

  • Insider fraud - are bots a viable alternative to humans?

  • Will biometrics have a significant effect on reducing fraud?

  • How willing are consumers to use biometrics for identification and authorisation?

16.30Keynote closing “New Technology Realities with Quantum Technology”
17.00Cocktail Reception


Day 2 – AustralianPaymentSummit

08.00Welcome & Registration
Welcome by Summit Chairpersons
09.30- Dr Leila Fourie | CEO | Australian Payments Network | Sydney
- Harry Smorenberg | Chairman | Australian Payment Summit | Amsterdam
09.45Keynote Opening “Startups Creating a New Payments Reality”
10.30Networking Break
New Point-of-Sale DevelopmentsBlockchain in Payments:
Reality Check
Payments Security & Privacy
(PCI-DSS / GDPR) workshop
13.00Plenary briefing: Sharing European lessons learnt from PSD2 / Open Banking UK initiatives

  • Are PSD2 and the Open Banking UK initiatives having the intended effect on the market at large?

  • Have they managed to create a level playing field for fintech companies vis-a-vis banks?

  • What are the key messages for the rest of the world?

New Infra and managing
AML, Fraud Prevention,
Cyber- Security
E-commerce: controlling the
total cost of transacting
14.30Networking Break
15.00Plenary Keynote Panel
The Regulatory Agenda (5 Year Outlook)
15.45Closing remarks by chairpersons
16.15Farewell Cocktail




13 Dec 2017 Wednesday 13 December 2017

  • Welcome by Summit Chairman | Harry Smorenberg
  • Introduction by Rob Craig | Chairman of Australian Payment Network
  • Keynote address by Dr Philip Lowe | Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Panel Debate “Towards the New World of Payments”
  • Tackling Payment Data Security & Data Privacy
  • Open Banking: The New Frontiers
  • The New Payment Environment & Regulatory Challenges
  • Online Marketplaces and eCommerce
  • Blockchain - Is it Harvest Time?
  • Digital identity as cornerstone of payments
  • Australia in the context of global developments
  • Fintech Showcase - Our cream of the crop Fintech innovators