13 December 2017



Towards a New World of Payments

The payment landscape is undergoing unprecedented change, with evidence of real innovation and transformation. In recent months we have witnessed regulatory changes alongside increased momentum in the local fintech market as well as in overseas tech companies. The industry is well and truly in the spotlight.

Our goal with the Australian Payment Summit is to focus on innovation and to share insights and ideas from the experts involved in shaping this new world of payments.

We have some key sessions in place and invite you to take a look at the program. Additionally, we are open to your ideas to make this the conference that event that the market needs. If you would like to be involved, please email joyce @ transactives.com.

We look forward to seeing you in December and to hearing from you sooner if you have ideas for shaping this new summit for the new world of payments.


13 Dec 2017 Wednesday 13 December 2017

  • Welcome by Summit Chairman | Harry Smorenberg
  • Introduction by Rob Craig | Chairman of Australian Payment Network
  • Keynote address by Dr Philip Lowe | Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Panel Debate “Towards the New World of Payments”
  • Tackling Payment Data Security & Data Privacy
  • Open Banking: The New Frontiers
  • The New Payment Environment & Regulatory Challenges
  • Online Marketplaces and eCommerce
  • Blockchain - Is it Harvest Time?
  • Digital identity as cornerstone of payments
  • Australia in the context of global developments
  • Fintech Showcase - Our cream of the crop Fintech innovators

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