Sharing “Field Notes” on Europe’s Open Banking

We are very happy to announce an in-depth plenary working session on PSD2-Open Banking realities in Europe. Lessons learned will be shared by expert Gijs Boudewijn, who is Chair of the Payment Systems Committee at EBF as well as general manager at the Dutch Payments Association. Gijs has been instrumental in representing banks in establishing PSD2 and is working on key alignments in Open Banking.

This session will update you on key developments and will mirror essentials for next-step developments in the APAC region, in particular Australia and New Zealand.

Next to sharing fieldnotes, we will address barriers and opportunities in a lively panel debate with key stakeholders. The focus will be on pragmatic/strategic implementations and how we can leverage these in a cooperative way to serve our markets better.

RECOMMENDED READING: Review into Open Banking in Australia (by the Australian Treasury)

Join us at APS 2018 and stay ahead of key developments in Australia and the region!


Gijs Boudewijn
As of 1 February 2014 Gijs Boudewijn holds the position of Deputy General Manager at the Dutch Payments Association. Before that he was responsible for payments at the Dutch Banking Association. He has extensive experience in domestic as well as international payments issues, governance, competition law and fraud prevention. He started as an in-house lawyer at a large Dutch savings bank, and later became Head of Legal Affairs at the central Dutch clearing house, Bankgirocentrale, the predecessor of equensWorldline. In 1998 Mr Boudewijn joined the Dutch Banking Association as Head of Payments and Security Affairs, and in 2014 was appointed Deputy General Manager of the Dutch Payments Association. Currently Mr Boudewijn is Chair of the Legal Support Group of the European Payments Council (where he is also a member of the Board) and Chair of the Payment Systems Committee of the European Banking Federation. Over the past years he was in that capacity closely involved with matters relating to PSD2 and the various Regulatory Technical Standards of the European Banking Authority. Mr Boudewijn is a regular speaker at national and international conferences on payments and related issues, new technologies and open banking.