In Search of New Business Models in Payments

In Search of New Business Models in Payment

How to monetise data, APIs, identity, and more



It’s no secret: data is the oil of the future and in today’s data-rich economy, intelligent use of information makes way for new opportunities and multiple streams of monetisation. Digital banks focused on APIs are looking at new revenue through innovative solutions and overlay services. The open banking environment encourages exactly that.

Banks historically collected and were the custodians of huge data sets, but vastly under-utilised and missed capitalising on the opportunities. As payment infrastructures flatten out, new Fintech / startups continue to create value by leveraging payment data instead of relying on traditional processing fees.

  • Will they create and find new business models by developing products and services with the valuable customer data that comes their way on a daily basis?
  • How can machine learning / artificial intelligence fit into all of this and will these be the catalysts in this space?

Even customer identity and authentication has become a monetisable asset to companies in this space. How is data safeguarded where it is stored, and where can data be further applied to capture opportunities for new business models to emerge?

We will discuss these questions and more at the opening keynote panel on day 2 of the Australian Payment Summit 2018. Be sure to register and not miss this intriguing discussion with our global panelists!


Tony Fish | Board of Advisors | | Sydney 

Debbie Gamble | VP Digital Products and Platforms | Interac Corp | Toronto

Martin Gold PhD | Course Director | Sydney Business School | University of Wollongong | Sydney

Mary McHale | Business Development Director, Financial Services, Asia Pacific | Equinix | Hong Kong(moderator)