13 December 2017


The New Payment Environment & Regulatory Challenges

14 November '17
Disruption across the payments industry has come in waves of small shifts and no one can predict how they will shape and change the next 10-20 years in payments and transaction banking. But in the face of a oncoming storm, everyone agrees incumbent financial institutions must quickly innovate to remain relevant and top of mind...

 Tackling Payment Data Security & Data Privacy

31 October '17
  According to Gemalto’s Breach Level Index, 1.9 million data records were compromised in the first half of 2017. Of the 918 publically disclosed total data breach incidents, 14% (125 incidents) affected the financial industry. Data Security and Privacy regulations such as PCI DSS, The EU’s General Data Privacy regulation (GDPR) and Australia’s Notifiable Data...

Open Banking: The New Seedbed for Financials

12 October '17
  As Australia embarks on implementing the open banking regime paving way for more competition in the financial industry, this is possibly an uncomfortable time for incumbent big banks. Technology companies and Fintechs can potentially erode the profitability off low hanging fruits from banks. And when banks are regulated to disclose and share customer data,...

Is it Harvest Time for Blockchain?

5 October '17
A top-panel will debate on key benefits of blockchain in payments and transactions around cases and international best practices. First “win” we already see with the new remittances payment solutions. Topics for debate are, a.o.: technical requirements for scaled payment solutions; the commercial considerations using blockchain; privacy; tax compliance and role of state; value exchange,...

Payment Services Directive 2: PSD2 sparks innovation in Open Banking ecosystems

14 September '17
In this article, Deutsche Bank and Innopay join forces to share our opinion on the foremost challenge currently facing the European payments market: “the practical implementation of third party access to account (XS2A) as part of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2)”. With European lawmakers finalising their work on the legal aspects of XS2A, it...

Data sharing and open banking

14 September '17
What will open banking bring to the Australian payment industry? How will increased open access change how players navigate and compete? Is the European model a good example / road map for the rest of the world? Check out this McKinsey Report on data sharing and open banking.   "The potential benefits of open banking...