The New Payment Environment & Regulatory Challenges

Disruption across the payments industry has come in waves of small shifts and no one can predict how they will shape and change the next 10-20 years in payments and transaction banking. But in the face of a oncoming storm, everyone agrees incumbent financial institutions must quickly innovate to remain relevant and top of mind for their customers.

Quoting a PWC report, “technology companies move quickly, often below the regulatory radar, to exploit what they see as a slow-moving, antiquated payments infrastructure. The regulatory agenda is now at the top of business priorities with particular focus on customer data protection, technical payment standards, interchange pricing and money laundering.”


At the AustralianPaymentSummit, this expert panel will debate upon key and current developments in the payments / transaction space related to regulations. The panel will discuss topics such as: the need for Digital Currencies, ICO developments, X-border payments, the e-Commerce Code, Consumer Protection (anti-Fraud & Security measures), Fintech “sandbox” environments,  the results of the Black Economy Task Force and many more issues. A compact expert panel moderated by Claire Wivell Plater with ample time to add questions from the floor.


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