13 December 2017



Australian Payment Summit | Sydney



The payments landscape has undergone a tremendous metamorphosis over the past decade due to fast-changing technological innovations and evolving regulations. Globally, the growth in digital payments and new market entrants continues to fuel a continuous state of change and innovation, expected to accelerate further over the next decade.

Nearly 20 years ago, we took the initiative to develop an alternative conference on payments and trends in the transaction space. As professionals in the field we preferred a conference with focus on content (not commercially and/or vendor driven) and with more in-depth debates. So not a mass gathering but rather a smaller conference where practitioners and key stakeholders could have meaningful peer networking opportunities next to steep learning from selected global best practices and relevant trends.

Today, as Transactives, we service three global regions with an annual 2 days top-summit:

EMEA  www.europeanpaymentsummit.com

ASIA  www.globalpaymentsummit.com

Oceania  www.australianpaymentsummit.com


Next to these annual summits we cooperate with key institutions on related program in the transaction space. We are always open to discuss the opportunity based upon our expertise, network and data.

Some examples in the recent past are:

  • AsianDevelopmentBank (ADB): joint special program on “Financial Inclusion and Payments” – Manila
  • Indonesia e-Commerce Association (iDEA): joint special program on e-Commerce Payments – Jakarta




Our core team consist of two professionals:

  • Harry Smorenberg (Founder and CEO Transactives) – Europe Based
    • harry@transactives.com / harry@smorenberg.nl
  • Joyce Ang (Project Lead Transactives) – Asia Based
    • joyce@transactives.com