Is it Harvest Time for Blockchain?

A top-panel will debate on key benefits of blockchain in payments and transactions around cases and international best practices. First “win” we already see with the new remittances payment solutions.

Topics for debate are, a.o.: technical requirements for scaled payment solutions; the commercial considerations using blockchain; privacy; tax compliance and role of state; value exchange, etc.

A compelling high-level briefing & debate, moderated by Nick Giurietto (CEO ADCA) and with expert panelists covering these topics:

  • What are the real applications and when will we see them?
  • Best practice case from banks / fintechs
  • Applications in remittances, payments
  • New token economy & digital currencies

Nick Giurietto | CEO & MD | Australian Digital Commerce Association | Sydney (moderator)

Sophie Gilder | Head of Blockchain | Commonwealth Bank | Sydney

Mark Staples | Research Group Leader, Software Systems | DATA61 CSIRO | Sydney


Download this interesting read on how Australia is getting ready for Blockchain.

“Distributed Ledgers | Scenarios for the Australian economy over the coming decades” (Report of Data 61 | CSIRO) Link here.