APS 2018 – Check out the highlights

A big thank you to all who joined us at the Australian Payment Summit in Sydney last week!  The summit opened with a keynote by Philip Lowe, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, on “A Journey Towards a Near Cashless Payments System” (see RBA notes).

Our co-host Australian Payments Network has also published this blog on “Key themes from our 2018 Australian Payment Summit“.  Be sure to check it out on key takeaways from the summit!

Feedback from attendees was awesome and we already have some great suggestions for the focus of next year’s event. We value all your comments and look forward to making 2019 summit even better!

Stay tuned for our announcement on the next edition of Australian Payment Summit!


“One of the best conferences I have been to in many years!” –Program Director

“Caught up with lots of old contacts and met some new ones, around genuinely interesting and thought-provoking panels with genuine experts.” – Business Payments

“It was arguably the best Australian event I have been to in 10 years. I stopped attending domestic events due to poor speakers, topics, and attendance, i.e. all speakers or exhibitors and no attendees per se. Well done.” Director

[Suggestions include] “Connectivity and interoperability solutions (e.g. APIs and Translation standards) – The transaction banking workforce of the future (e.g. how will the role of the human banker change over time) – RegTech vs BusTech (i.e. how can one leverage the necessary investment in Regulatory Compliance while adding immediate value to the technology stack of the overall business).” –
Director, Transaction Banking Solutions


Check out some of our photo highlights below.


You can find more photos here!


Snapshot of Media Reports from APS 2018

ForbesCould Australia Become Cashless Before The UK?

The Sydney Morning HeraldCashless future is here, with coins and banknotes to become ‘niche’

Finextra: RBA chief says cash is becoming a ‘niche payment instrument’

ABC NewsRegulators are pushing us into a cashless world as RBA declares ‘a turning point has been reached’